Crafted Nightmares Store
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Don't have a paypal account? No worries. Paypal is a leading secure payment
processor used by thousands daily, and we allow guest checkouts on our
payment settings! To pay directly with a credit card, upon checking out click
the paypal button after you have entered your information. You'll be directed to a another
page where you can select your payment method. If you have any
other questions regarding payments, feel free to email us at craftednightmares@gmail.com.


Welcome to the official Crafted Nightmares store! Here, you can buy new ranks and keys to unlock exclusive items. Currently, we only accept Paypal, but we plan to implement some more methods in the future; it is just the safest and simplest way. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at: craftednightmares@gmail.com
NOTE: If you have a full inventory and the chat tells you that you need to make space for your items, it may take another few minutes to re-update and give them to you.
Terms: Please note that all purchases are FINAL. Any purchase made on the Crafted Nightmares store are not able to be refunded. Chargebacks, for whatever reason, are not acceptable and any player that chargebacks will be immediately banned from the server and unable to purchase an unban from our store. If you are banned as a result of a chargeback, but believe that you should not be banned, please contact us via our website at www.craftednightmares.com.